Through intensive research and multi-media installation, I redraw the stories of ancient myths of exiled minorities colliding with contemporary life. I attempt to find moments of similarity between my personal life and these heroic mythical narrations. Through my videos and installations, I blend histories and legends with the reality of ordinary habitual life. My process of art making involves converting spaces into immersive installations that depict a form of suggestive narration through painted surfaces, sculptural objects, and video projections. Some materials and techniques that I work with are plexi-glass, embroidery, and tapestry weaving. I use the time-based feature of video to project my perceptive narration of everyday scenarios to my environment; either fantastical visions of the past in my mind presented on a screen or anticipating for what will happen next projected on my body or a space I inhabit. In my video animations, I refer to the ancient Shahnameh, a long national mythical poem of the Greater Iran, by using elements of Persian miniature paintings. The fragmented representational quality of pixels and gestures in my videos appear through embroidery, tapestry, and performances. I attempt to bring attention to isolated events and project a newer light through active reenactments of the past.