As a worshiper of nature, I find beauties and meaning in each and every step of life, depicted in human connections and the natural world of animals, plants, and flowers. All these universal entities are here to teach us something about ourselves and the bigger picture of life during our time on this planet. An inspirational source and reference for me are times of our ancestors and the traditions of lineages that speak of healing the human spirits within a higher platform. The myths and stories are here to tell us of heroic acts that can translate into our everyday life, to love ourselves, others, and our planet earth. Through my art, I offer a new perspective on histories and legends blending with the reality of ordinary human life. I practice art as a form of living, bringing love and healing to myself and those around me, through reconfiguration of spaces, objects, and colors using the chakra system as a guideline. Colors, textures, scales, sounds, motion and movements are the modalities I follow to express my visions and expressions, on canvases, walls, and empty spaces.